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Collection Points

(Clothing to be donated before the 24th September 2013)

-Wits Main JK
-Wits Main Outside the Stationery Shop
-Wits Med JK
-Wits Med Outside Adler Museum
-Wits Med Next to Kudubucks Machine
-UJ Auckland Park JK
-Rox Pharmacy
-Auckland Park Masjid

(Clothing to be donated before the 29th September 2013)

-Westville Campus - JK and Library
-Howard Campus- JK and Library
-Medical School
-Pitermaritzburg Campus

-Westville Soofie Masjid
-45th Cutting Masjid
-Sparks Road Masjid
-Musgrave Road Masjid
-Moore Road JK
-Galleria Masjid

-Oriental Umhlanga
-Polar Stop


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