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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


 “I loved how we not only physically planted trees, but got to interact with the community. The best part was the children performing a little zulu song and dance for us, truly heartwarming and adorable”
-Aatifa Jadwat

“A spectacular day planting trees with MSA Union, our deen is green”
- Khadeeja Manjra

“Going from home to home seeing the happiness in the faces of the gogos whose gardens we spruce up with fruit trees was priceless”
-Mariam Asmal

Planting trees in this 30 degree Durban climate is hard work, big thumbs up to the team! Well done!

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Humanitarian Project: Part2 (DURBAN)

The second part of the project, the sustainability phase, is a national tree planting initiative, supported and run by our Green Deen team. Students will travel from campuses to certain rural areas, again identified by SANZAF to plant trees in that area.
MSA is on the lookout for volunteers to come with us to Verulam THIS TUESDAY, 24 September 2013, to plant trees!

Kindly RSVP by going to and filling out the form with your details

Spend your Heritage Day doing something fun and uplifting for the community!
Volunteers will be meeting car pooling from UKZN Westville Campus to the location. Please see the RSVP form for further information.

Hope to see you this Tuesday!



The Muslim Students Association invites you to the not-to-be-missed gala dinner supported by 

In support of The Humanitarian Project and MSA Union, there will be a Fundraiser Gala Dinner on the 27th of September 2013
Ticket Prices: R180 per person
Venue: Crescent Hall, Parlock

Come enjoy a delicious 3-course meal and live entertainment while contributing to a good cause! The dinner will host an array of programmes including a keynote address by Hafez Fuzail Soofie, Qiraat by Hafez Sufyaan Taylor, Nasheeds by Waahid and comedy by MJ Khan.

Additionally, MSA will be launching their Waqf* on the evening with the intention to generate investment primarily to support MSA Union and to contribute to MSA Union's long-run sustainability. Pledges will be accepted on the evening. Help us establish a sustainable MSA to drive Muslim youth activity in Allah's cause!

*A Waqf is a divine institution of sustainable investments for social development.
For more info on ticket sales or sponsorship contact:

Raadiya Mahomed - 0790940140,
Goolam Loonat - 0727861038,

Your support will be appreciated.
Proceeds raised from the dinner will be shared between The Humanitarian Project and MSA Union. Separate seating for men and women; family tables can be booked. Please see the attached poster for more details