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Sunday, 11 August 2013


In support of  The Humanitarian Project , MSA Union will be hosting a Fundraiser Gala Dinner on the 24 August 2013

Ticket Price: R250(pp)
Venue: Sultan Bahu Hall Mayfair JHB

Come enjoy a delicious 3-course meal and live entertainment while contributing to a good cause!

The dinner will host an array of programmes including stand up comedy  nazms, a talk by Sheikh Sadulla Khan and much much more.  Don't forget to bring a wallet full of cash for an auction that will blow your mind.

MSA will be launching their Waqf* on the evening with the intention to generate investment primarily to support MSA Union and to contribute to MSA Union's long-run sustainability. Pledges will be accepted on the evening.

Proceeds raised from the dinner will be shared between The Humanitarian Project and MSA Union.

For more info contact:
                                                Raabia: 078 763 1780
                                                Radiyyah: 084 060 7868

*A Waqf is a divine institution of sustainable investments for social development.

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