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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MSA’s  Gala Dinner By Nabeela Vadi (student correspondent)

On Saturday evening, 24 August 2013, I attended MSA’s Humanitarian Project Gala Dinner. The event hosted an array of programmes; including beautiful qiraat by Hafez Muhamed Ismail that touched the hearts of all who heard and live nasheed performance by Hafez Arshad Essa that filled the air with sweetness.

The event that brought together; corporates (Wonderflooring, Fair Price, Pristine Motors, Alumnis, and Motor dealers) families and individuals who believe in the cause of MSA and the Humanitarian Project itself, whos main aim is to empower humanity by teaching man to provide for himself. Nasira Bhamjee, project co-ordinator explained, “The worst thing to do for someone is; do something that he can do for himself. Giving him handouts instead of teaching him how to earn his living”. Which follows with the gist of the project to collect unwanted clothing items and help  individuals selected by SANZAF start-up business’ and also initiate the tree planting project in collaboration with Green Deen SA.

Honoured on the night, was chairperson of the MSA, Yusuf Talia who strives to great lengths to achieve student involvement and incorporate Deen within the element of helping the less fortunate and spreading the values of Islam. He said “Tonight we are hoping to be a huge success. Also, the launch of Waqf is the beginning of the sustainability for the MSA to bring social awareness and to gain support from the broader community and not only students.”

The Waqf fund launched by AWQAF SA brought in pledges above R10 000 and a return on the investment would help MSA function sustainably for future growth and continuity.

The student organisers spent a lot of time and effort into putting together the beautiful event themed blue, white and yellow which seated 350 people comfortably. They emphasised that by putting the event together there would be more awareness and the community will take more active roles in participating in MSA projects.

“We are entrusted with protecting every dimension of this planet and we are all equally accountable” inspired the audience, Sheikh Sadulla Khan, guest speaker of the evening, highlighted the issue of fulfilling the responsibility of taking consideration of the environment and addressing social issues such as global warming, pollution and sustainability of social, economic and environmental factors.

The Al Ihsaan award intended to inspire more youth to become active citizens in society, increasing social awareness, for those who make a difference in the community and society at large was awarded to Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh who has many achievements behind his name, “ I am honoured to receive this reward and the other candidates should also be recognised for striving in the path of Islam.”

The auction which brought in R20 000 at last years event,  boasted beautiful frames this year ; religious and sport, sponsored by Marouns, Orient Art Gallery and Oncourse Golf Promotions (ONGP). Included in the collection, was  Nelson Mandela with graded coins; start-off bid at R22 000. “This year we should receive a greater income from the auction. The funds raised on the evening would be shared equally to the Humanitarian Project and MSA Union“said Taskeen Adam.

The event was a complete success and many left with greater intention and a few chuckles, as comedian MJ Khan lightened up the atmosphere. The 5-course meal was nothing short of delicious and the service was excellent. Those who didn’t attend truly missed out.

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