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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Humanitarian Project in the media

“Students Empowering Humanity”

Campus’ around the country are uniting together to make a difference to the lives of others. The Muslim Student Association (MSA) on all 14 campuses, collaborate to make this years flagship project an unforgettable and memorable one. The idea is sustainability for mankind. The aim of this project is to empower students with a life skill to get involved and remember the next man in his everyday life and to empower individuals in the less affluent community with beneficial survival strategies. 

“The Humanitarian Project” a three-phase based project; phase one- clothing collection, sorting and packing, phase two - engagement and distribution. And phase three- tree planting, is the general outline for this project.  “The Humanitarian Project” being run over two months, starting from 5 August in an effort to encourage muslims across South Africa to open their closets, take out unused clothing (excluding underwear) to donate to this cause. It is, after all a pre-requisite for muslims to make use of only what’s necessary for him and share all that he has with the ones who do not.

The collected clothing will go through the 5-phase-process and will entail maximum student involvement, entitling them to make effort and gain lesson from this project. Collected clothing will be sorted by the students on campus’, washed by them, ironed and distributed to identified individuals in the various communities selected by SANZAF ( South African National Zakaah Fund). The clothes will be used to start-up business’ for the individuals identified by SANZAF -who will be collaborating and assisting MSA with this project.

The Green Deen team will be overseeing the tree planting initiative, also known as the sustainability phase. Students from campuses will be travelling to certain rural areas, identified by SANZAF, to plant trees.

The MSA will also be holding their annual Gala Dinner event on the 24 August, which will host an array of programmes including stand-up comedy, nazms, a talk by Sheikh Sadulla Khan and an auction to raise funds shared between “The Humanitarian Project” as well as other MSA projects. 

Drop off points will be at your nearest masjid, school, and universities within your locality. However, one can also call the various contact numbers stated below to verify closest drop-off points to you. And enquire about ticket sales for the Gala Dinner.

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