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Friday, 2 August 2013

Who are the Muslim Students Association?

MSA was established in 1974 and has grown to be one of the largest student representative bodies in South Africa. The MSA aims to assist in developing students into leaders that aim to serve broader society. This is done by developing structures to create a national and influential student representative body, through advocating for social, political and economic justice and facilitating campaigns, social projects and humanitarian initiatives which are all student based. Operating nationally, and run by students, the organisation brings together chapter MSA's who work together to drive Muslim youth activity and involvement, and run dynamic projects in all spheres. In contributing to the development of Africa and the Ummah, the MSA Union is committed to building the desired Muslim generation in a balanced Islamic paradigm, by establishing and sustaining active Islamic work in all spheres, through exemplary student leadership in South Africa. We serve as a voice of Muslim students on national and international issues.

Our vision is ““Advancing ‘Project Islam’ by representing, networking and developing t youth in South Africa"

What is The Humanitarian Project?
MSAs will conduct a second hand clothing collection across South African campuses which will be given to identified underprivileged people to enable and empower them to start their own businesses. The recipients of the second hand clothing will be people identified by SANZAF, who will also liaise with the recognised recipients. The recipients will receive training and support by SANZAF, which will ensure continuity and success of the project.
Additionally, a second phase will be incorporated. The sustainability phase is incorporated by MSA's Green Deen team and consists of a fruit tree planting ininitiative. Students from campuses will travel to certain rural areas,identified by SANZAF, to plant trees.

THP on campus...
After the clothes are collected, it will be washed, sorted and packed by students on campus as part of the core idea of mass student involvement. This phase requires sponsorship in terms of washing materials and utensils that will need to be distributed to campuses countrywide.

Changing the image of charity work
This project is envisioned upon an eradication of social apathy, replacing it with social development. It goes far beyond the realms of charity work, in that we aim to empower underprivileged people with the opportunity to start businesses of their own. This project is centered by revolutionary ideals and social progression and is a step in the right direction. Your sponsorship and donations will be much appreciated.
Who to contact...

Get in touch with THP reps in your area to find out how you can get involved! To find the contact details of a rep closest to you simply select the contact detail tab of this blog. 

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